Repent   |   Reconcile   

Renew    |   Revive   




schedule 2020

Mother of God Community (MOGC), located in Gaithersburg, MD, welcomes you to the 15th annual National Prayer Summit. Christians of all denominations are invited to participate in the Summit, led by Pastor Lonny Bringham of San Diego, CA, son of Prayer Summit founder, Reverend Ray Bringham. Co-leading with Rev. Bringham will be Fr. Andre Mahanna, Catholic Priest and international policy advisor, Dr. Moses Lee, pastor, professor, author and President of the Prayer Summit, Dr. Linda Royall, journalist and professor for Oral Roberts University, Rick McKinney, an elder at MOGC, and Mark Gargulinski, businessman, MOGC elder & CHARIS leader.  This Catholic and Ecumenical Interdenominational Summit, calls the United States and the whole of Body of Christ to repentance and belief in God’s everlasting love and power. The event will feature Christian leaders from across the globe, leading us in prayers of repentance, seeking reconciliation, renewal and revival for individuals, families, communities, churches, and in our nation and all the nations of the world. 

 Friday, January 24th

7:00 pm  Vision of Nations and Revelation to nations to build Kingdom of God. Pastor Lonny Bringham  

(2 Chronicles 7:14 and Deuteronomy 18:9 and Mark 16:15). Narrow visions vs. God’s Big Vision.

8:00-9:00 pm - Unity of the Church – Fr. Andre Mahanna (the persecuted church/the universal church), the global Protestant church, Rev. Dr. Moses Lee then Reconciliation prayer for the global church 

9:00-9:30 pm – Call to Action, Blessing of life and Prophetic Prayer for all Nations, especially Middle East (Fr. Andre). Blessing for “March for Life” impact and our great nation as based on God’s blessing to all life in all nations. Prayers for Reconciliation in the Body of Christ (unite all hearts with God’s and one another’s)



Saturday, January 25th

9:00 am Vision and Revelation. Celebrate the Word of the Lord – Verbum Domini  - Pastor Lonny Bringham

10:00 am   Sacred Families to Community vs Secularized – Mark Gargulinski

                  Humility of Heart – Rick McKinney

11:00-12:00 pm – Unbelief in the Nation. Blessing of President and heads of State (Linda Royall & Mark Gargulinski)

Noon-1:00 Lunch break (time for personal ministry , healing and prayer with the Pastors).

1:00 pm Praise and worship – Prophetic breaking of strongholds.  Breaking spirit of arrogance. Worship led by Ben Gargulinski - continue personal ministry. (Psalm 34).

2:00 pm The Nation, President Trump, government, leaders and arrogance – Linda Royall & others 

3:00 pm The Persecuted Church/Sin of Indifference – Fr. Andre Mahanna (Alternate Moses Lee)  

4:00 pm Sins of Injustice – Margie Osborne and Flo Dayberry with introduction by Linda Royall 

5:00 pm Mass for the Nation. Missiles of Kingdom of God (prayer)


Sunday, January 26th

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm. Celebration with Praise & Worship– Go tell all the nations that God loves all humanity – it  starts here! Come share your testimonies and prophetic words about what God is doing from March for Life and the National Prayer Summit.  



The National Prayer Summit 

Purpose & Mission

Therefore, as the Father's dearly loved sons and daughters, let us in a spirit of humility and surrender;

▪︎Repent- turn and run away from sin

▪︎Reconcile- our relationship with God and one another

▪︎Renew- receive the filling of the Holy Spirit

▪︎Revive- give outpouring from the love of the Holy Spirit,

Uniting our hearts in love the way Christ loves us



20501 Goshen Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20879.

For more information, go to and

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